Benny Bully's Liver Chops Original 80g


The Benny Bullys Liver Chops® Difference

  •     Made from a single ingredient: pure beef liver.
  •     Not formed or processed.
  •     Easy to break pieces off into smaller morsels making it the choice of professional dog trainers.
  •     Pets find the concentrated aroma irresistable.
  •     No added fillers, preservatives or combinations of ingredients.
  •     Made from pure human edible government inspected meat.
  •     Small pieces about 1 inch long packaged in trial, entry, medium, bulk or super bulk packs.
  •     Natural calcium and phosphorus present for strong teeth and bones.
  •     Contains natural fibre for optimal digestion.
  •     Contains natural vitamins for healthy skin and coat.
  •     A healthy snack to take for a walk, or add as part of a nutritious meal.


Natural Colour May Vary.
No Refrigeration Required.

Benny Bully's Liver Chops Original 80g
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