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Pet Bowl - Iceberg - Translucent Black

The Pet's Fan

A Healthy and Tasty Meal Time for Your Dog

This pet bowl uses a scientific attitude to correctly treat the eating issues of your dog. Lowering its head for a long period of time during eating increases pressure on your dog's spine. This pet bowl cares for the health of your dog's spine by redesigning the bowl using a reasonable 7 - 10cm height when eating. The pet bowl is also tilted by 8 degrees. The tilt makes your dog eat easier. The material used for the bowl part is textured stainless steel polished to the highest degree making it bright and delicate. The bowl part can be separated from the base for easy cleaning to reduce bacterial growth. As a whole, the pet bowl has a humanized radian design. This lets you pick up the pet bowl easily so less spilling occurs. The base has non-slip pads providing a stable grip so it is not easy to knock over. The bowl's base is made with high-quality ABS material and then finely polished to achieve transparent glassy texture so the bowl is scratch resistant, at the same time feels delicate and smooth. 

Color available in translucent black and translucent pink

Warm Prompt

The product is not suitable for microwave ovens; recommend frequent change and wash the feeding bowl, regular quantitative feeding is better for the dog, give the dog a healthier life.

Pet bowl - iceberg product details

Pet Bowl - Iceberg - Translucent Black
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