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Daily Dream Treats - Quail


Raw Dog / Cat / Ferret Treats

Dream Treats™ are Starch Free™ raw meat treats, uniquely processed without damaging heat using our Wysong True Non-Thermal™manufacturing technology. Each meaty disc is loaded with extra vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, powerful natural nutraceuticals and more!

Developed by our own Dr. Wysong, manufactured in our own manufacturing facility. A truly beneficial dog, cat, or ferret treat (yes, it's a raw ferret food too)!

Dream Treats™ natural dog and cat treats are great tasting, no-worry, no-guiltsnacking for the important companion animal in your life. The no-mess discs are easy to carry along for training treats and excellent to share any time. Serve every day to ensure an optimal supply of important nutrients and as a gift of love... real genetically appropriate natural food your pet dreams about.

Please review the ingredients and analysis below for a full breakdown of Dream Treats™. For an explanation and rationale for each ingredient and the functional characteristics of this food, visit

Daily Dream Treats - Quail
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