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VITAL ESSENTIALS® Rabbit Ears FD Treats 6pc

1 Net VE Raw
  • Oral health and mental stimulation nature's dental floss: freeze-dried Rabbit Ears, are just that, an ear! Give your loved one An exotic, safe, healthy, treat and watch them smile from ear to ear!
  • Single source protein: fresh, raw, Rabbit Ears, A treat your dog instinctively craves. No added hormones or antibiotics, no fillers, flavorings or rendered by-products, ever!
  • Limited ingredient treat: the perfect treat for training or just being a good dog! Prepared from pure, raw, Rabbit Ears, slow, freeze-drying process, no cooking, No muss, no fuss!
  • 100% USA sourced, made and packaged: freeze-dried, ensuring a fresh, safe, RAW, pet treat that is light-weight and delicious for your four legged family member.
  • You eat the best - to live a vibrant, healthy life - shouldn't your pet? Give your pet the best, all natural, raw, USA Made dog treat; protein builds strong muscles and may reduce the risk of injury.
  • Gluten free and Grain Free
VITAL ESSENTIALS® Rabbit Ears FD Treats 6pc
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