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Cat Scratching Board - Memphis of Egypt - Wave Style


Wavy scratching board.

This Memphis of Eygpt style artwork expresses a variety of culturally rich personalities with colors that are lucid, amusing, and bright hue with high chroma.

Break the dullness and let the wave add a playful side to your home.

Lasts for a long time and cost-saving because both front and back can be used.

Gives your cat a lot of pleasure because your cat can scratch and sleep on as it wishes. 

Made with premium high-density corrugated paper so it's durable, smooth, neat, and clean. 


1. Keep this product dry. Don't place it in a humid area.

2. Change regularly, this product is a consumable.

Product information.

This product is suitable for cats.

Size: 590 x 83 x 265 mm

Weight: 990 g

Material: Corrugated paper

Cat Scratching Board - Memphis of Egypt - Wave Style
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